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How to Break Free from the Herd and Design Your New Life by Julius Henderson

Your obituary has already been written. According to several comprehensive studies and centuries-old theories, the conditions in which one finds oneself at the beginning of one’s life are rarely subject to change. The way someone is in the beginning is, quite often, a clear indicator of who they will be and the way their life will be as they mature.

When one is aware of these findings, one could be more inclined to be looking for the changes that need to be made, thus giving one a better chance of ending this life with better circumstances than when one entered it. How do the conditions in your life resemble the conditions you had in, say, the first grade?

So, is the obituary that has already been written for you accurate? Are you pleased with what it has to say about your life and how it was lived? Read Preincarnation today and rewrite the script of your life. Leave behind a legacy you can be proud to give the world.



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